Jim is a self taught artist. He grew up in a very creative, supportive and resourceful family. Jim credits his seventh grade shop teacher for his inspirational use of wood, and summer school art lessons for his diversity of mediums. In 2001 Jim entered the world of oil painting and fell in love all over again.

His commissioned furniture and paintings are reflections of the people for whom he creates. What makes his work unique is that he likes to collaborate with his clients. Jim considers the space where his pieces will be housed as well as the personality of the potential owner. After conversations about size, function, and color Jim creates a personal reflection of individuals requesting his art.

Jim celebrates the differences and diversity that people are. Formal and tidy to wild and colorful, each request brings with it elements of style and preferences that he gets to dance with. There is a touching delight and pride that his clients report after receiving a piece made just for them. Clients have been moved to tears and squealed with joy when they first saw their personalized project.

After spending most of his work life in corporate America or in his own businesses, Jim has now created an opportunity to do what he loves for a career. Although creating seems more like play than work, he is very serious about having his work seen and appreciated by a larger audience.

Jim Welsh creates commissioned art furniture that is designed to meet your needs as well as reflecting a bit of who you are. Jim is also a master at solving design challenges in work or living spaces. Oil painting is his latest medium and is being incorporated into his furniture in a unique way. His paintings run the gamut from andscapes and portraits to abstracts and are always evolving.

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